The Petite Joys Project

Earlier this month I posted about how Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy, and how I overcome it with thankfulness. I want to be better about cultivating the habit of thankfulness, and become quick to point out all the good I have in my life, instead of focusing on whatever it is I feel like I'm missing at that moment.

My friend Erika of Rouge and Whimsy and I were talking about this recently, and how we want to become people that are appreciative, thankful, and joyful. We want to seek out and find the small treasures in life, the tiny victories, the glimpses of hope, peace, redemption...what we are calling our petite joys

Upset at the traffic on your way to work? Instead, choose to be thankful for your car, your job, your education. Sad that some of your sweet friends live two states away? Be thankful for technology, cell phones, and skype. Annoyed at the massive pile of laundry you have to fold? Instead, appreciate all those clothes, and the fact that if you live in the US and your family income is above $10,000 (yes, TEN), you are richer than 84% of the world's population. Perspective changing for sure.

Join us as we search for gratefulness over discontentment. We'll be documenting our moments on instagram with the hashtag #petitejoys and we'd love to see your moments as well. 

Let's keep encouraging each other to find the good. Because sometimes you just need a little reminder. And there is always, always, something to be thankful for.