The city of Seattle is BUZZING with excitement after Sunday's game against the Packers. Super Bowl bound for only the third time in the team's history, everyone here seems to be cheering for this locally loved and historically underdog team, including my friend Kristy's third grade classroom. 

Kristy started her brand new blog (I Just Got Schooled) yesterday with this post here: To The Seahawks From a Thankful Teacher, and it has gone viral. Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, let's just say Kristy's post has reached many. A local Seattle news company is visiting Kristy's classroom this week to interview her and her students. The story is, the teamwork of the Seahawks has inspired and encouraged her third graders to work together, and she tells her first hand account of how her classroom's morale has improved. It's well known that Russell Wilson volunteers at Children's Hospital in Seattle every Tuesday, visiting cancer patients. One of Kristy's students was inspired by this and made a card for another student having a bad day because "Russell Wilson tries to make people's days happier like when he visits the hospital." She tells story after story of how her classroom has been positively impacted by the role models of these football players. 

I'm thankful for quarterbacks who are kind, who give credit to their teammates and even the other team, who take the time to visit children in hospitals. Being Super Bowl bound is great, but impacting a classroom of third graders? I bet Russell would also count that among his proudest achievements. 

The truth is, wall have influence. Whether Seahawks players or not. Let's remember that our actions are also influencing those around us, and live our lives accordingly. 

(NOTE: Let's also acknowledge that there are many football players who are amazing role models, Aaron Rodgers being one of them. I would name more here if I knew more about football. But I know there are lots! No matter what team you root for, let's keep the comments kind.)