Pregnancy and ice cream go hand in hand, right? Especially ice cream mocktails?! I can't think of a more fitting holiday treat while pregnant. Molly Moon's, our local ice cream shop, released their holiday flavors and they all pair perfectly with mocktails. Something I love about these recipes is that they are super simple, using only ice cream plus one other ingredient. Choosing the simple option is always a good idea during the holiday season. Enjoy these sweet treats!


INGREDIENTS: Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream and milk of choice (I like Vanilla Almond Milk)

RECIPE: Add both ingredients to a blender, and blend to desired consistency, adding more milk or ice cream if needed. If you don't have a blender, just blend by hand with a spoon. Dip the edge of a glass in water and then in sprinkles for a sprinkled rim. Top with whipped cream and/or more sprinkles if desired, and add a red and white striped straw trimmed to fit your glass. These are cute for a party served in shot glasses.


INGREDIENTS: Vanilla Ice Cream and sparkling cider, either hot or cold.

RECIPE: This recipe works with either hot or cold sparkling cider. Simply heat sparkling cider, or leave chilled, and add scoops of ice cream. The carbonation remains in the sparkling cider when heated, a fun reason to try sparkling instead of regular cider. Top with sprinkles or waffle cone pieces.


Molly Moon's released a Mulled Wine Sorbet, and I was curious about the alcohol content. I checked with their corporate office and they informed me that the wine is cooked for 30 minutes, reducing the alcohol content by 70%. My doctor cleared me to try this one since the alcohol content is so low and I'm past my first trimester, but of course check with your physician before consuming anything questionable during your pregnancy.

INGREDIENTS: Mulled Wine Sorbet and drink of choice (ginger beer or sparkling water are good non-alcoholic options, champagne or another sparkling wine would also be excellent if you aren't pregnant.)

RECIPE: Add small scoops of sorbet to a champagne glass, and pour drink of choice over.

Enjoy these this holiday season! Wishing you and yours a joy filled new year.

Shared in partnership with Molly Moon's. Opinions and ideas are my own.