My introduction to pregnancy was rough, to put it mildly. I had severe all-day sickness that shocked me with both the intensity and my inability to control any part of it. Nothing sounded good for 4 months. I had to force myself to drink water and that was even a stretch, and all my favorite foods now repulsed me. Luckily for me, it slowly started to subside once I hit around 14 weeks. Maybe in part to make up for my lack of ability to eat anything earlier, and maybe just because I naturally just love to eat, I'm inhaling everything in sight like it's my job now, proudly out-eating my 6'3" football-playing husband on multiple occasions. At least once I day I say to Daniel, "This is the best thing I have ever eaten." And I truly, genuinely, feel that whatever I am eating at that time is the single most delicious meal I've ever consumed in my life. I cannot get enough, and I'm so thankful to be past that dreaded first trimester sickness. Here's what I'm enjoying in my second trimester:

1. Avocados

I eat one almost every morning, along with whatever breakfast I'm having (usually two soft scrambled eggs) and it's divine. I add loads of lime juice and pink Himalayan sea salt (yes, I am a salt snob) and gobble it up. Love getting all those healthy fats and it just tastes amazing. 

2. Green Smoothies

We recently purchased a Vitamix with leftover wedding gift cards, and since around Thanksgiving I've used it nearly everyday. My favorite mix is a few handfuls of organic spinach, tons of frozen raspberries, frozen banana, and water. I like my smoothies so thick you need a spoon to eat them, and this one fits the bill perfectly.

3. Soft Scrambled Eggs

My favorite breakfast by far. I eat two organic, free range eggs nearly everyday, at least. I like them soft scrambled the French way, so that they're fully cooked but not over-scrambled, soft, rich, and delicious. I cook them in a generous helping of organic coconut oil to add healthy fats and then sprinkle them with freshly ground sea salt.

4. Quinoa Scramble

This is an amazing lunch, quick dinner, and go-to anytime meal. I start by softening an onion for a few minutes (I love the pre-cut ones from Trader Joe's since I am an intense onion-crier) in organic coconut oil, and then add a variety of toppings, and I never measure. I add some combination of the following: quinoa and/or rice, maybe pesto, spinach or kale, and two eggs at the end softly scrambled into the mix. At the end I add crumbled goat cheese, a generous squeeze of lime, and ground sea salt. It is amazing, and everything good and warm and tangy and comforting all wrapped up on one little plate. I could eat it for every meal. More examples of this dish here and here.

5. Citrus

This winter I can't get enough. I've always been a citrus lover, and put fresh lemon and lime on everything, but I'm especially loving those little cuties and grapefruit right now.

6. Coffee

I went without coffee for four months when I was so sick; it repulsed me and I couldn't even bear the thought of drinking it. Now that I'm past that, I love having my one cup a day allowance. I know this is a controversial one, so of course check with your doctor first, but it has made a world of a difference for me and I'm thankful to have it.

7. Lettuce Wraps

Another lunch item I'm loving: turkey lettuce wraps. I wrap sliced turkey from the deli (since packaged meats are off-limits) in organic lettuce with garlic aioli, mustard, pickles and/or capers, and it's the best. I inhale these.

8. Almonds

I loved this salted, perfect little snack. I keep a bag in my purse for when I get hungry and I'm out. 

Those are my current favorites! For dinners I plan some rotation of things we love: tacos, burgers, soups, salads. I've always loved to eat, but it's on a totally different level for me now, knowing I'm nourishing both my body and my growing baby.