A short month! And a few holidays. Making it through January always feels like reason enough to pop champagne. Excited to continue to move through winter and looking forward to good things planned for this month.


1. Launch the Valentine's Day card line in the shop. (CHECK) Line is live and selling. Shop the collection here

2. Read. I got the Kinfolk Table for Christmas from my brother in law (thanks, Luke!) and am excited to read it. I also put Lean In on hold at the Library months ago, and it's finally ready. Looking forward to getting time with both of those this month. (CHECK) I finished Lean In and loved it. In depth post in the works. 

3. Simplify. This is my main goal for this month and for this year. I want to simplify in all areas of my life, from my possessions and my things, to my wardrobe (it's begun with the capsule project!), my time, and how I run the business. We have a WAY less busy January than we did in December, and we need it. Looking forward to a much simpler month. 

(PROGESS) I simplified in terms of closet-cleanouts and purging excess stuff, but I had the busiest month on record, not in terms of social commitments but with the business. The Valentine's Day launch combined with a slew of custom orders left me stressed on some days. I am continually learning how to work smarter and this is very much a work in progress. Simplify is on the top of my mind for this year, and I hope that this will mean, no matter what is on my plate, I will feel like I have the ability to handle it calmly and efficiently. 


1. Relax & Celebrate. We have a very fun trip planned this month with 21 (!!!) of my extended family members. Somewhere that involves our passports. We are pumped to say the least. 

2. Finish Custom Orders & Collabs. Excited to wrap up the custom orders I've been designing. There are also a few very fun collabs in the works that I can't wait to share about. 

That's it for this month. Bring it on, February.