My husband wears a suit and tie to work everyday, so when he's not working I graciously take on the role of "dressing him," meaning I shop for his clothes and give him options to choose from, like a 5 year old ;) 

I think it works for us because A.) I love shopping so much I wish it could be my day job, B.) he doesn't really care what he wears, and C.) he's slightly colorblind (mostly a joke, but true to a slight degree...one time he told me how much he loved my newly painted grey nails...which were actually pink.)

So I shop for him, and I love it and it works for us. I have friends who's husbands actually like fashion, and their husbands do their own shopping and outfit coordinating, which works for them. But, if you happen to find yourself in the same camp I'm in, and new to shopping for a husband, there are some strategies I've learned to make it easier. I picked up a few new things for Daniel on sale recently, and miraculously, they all fit and he loved them and kept them all. Here are a few tips I've learned to make dressing a husband easier:

1. Choose a color palette

I try to stick to one general theme, so that there's no chance of Daniel "mismatching" when he tries to put something together. This spring I'm going with whites, greys, and blues. Which, in general, makes up the majority of Daniel's wardrobe anyways. Everything I picked up works with everything else, which makes getting dressed for him a little less stressful and makes his outfit combining go further.

2. When you find something they like, that fits well, and at a good price, buy in bulk.

I found soft, solid v-neck tees that fit him well, and were on sale for $5. I stocked up because this saves me time searching for the same basics somewhere else. 

3. Stick to the classics

Guy fashion tends to follow fewer trends than girl fashion, so classic pieces will get wear year after year, season after season. Buy in classic colors and shapes, because chances are, that blue and white striped shirt will never go out of style. Pretty sure I saw my grandpa wearing the same shirt Daniel owns recently. These navy twill shorts are one of those pieces. They look like another pair Daniel has from J.Crew, but at a fraction of the cost. I love a little preppy edge to guy fashion and these fit the bill perfectly. 

4. Find detailing

Guy fashion is very different from girl fashion. As far as casual wear, there are shorts, pants, tees, and shirts. The options are more limited in style and shape, so I look for ways to add interest to an otherwise standard combos. An easy way to do that is in the details. This button front and waffle rib adds a little extra something to an otherwise plain white tee. 

5. Think soft and comfy.

If it's comfortable, I know it'll get more wear. I found this lived-in, soft, stretchy tee in a neutral color. Perfect for weekends year round.

TO NOTE: Everything in this post I found on sale at Old Navy, although this is not a sponsored post at all. I just love a sale and realized I had things to share to help with dressing a husband.