Happy Mom's weekend! My (fabulous) mother-in-law planned a Mother's Day brunch for family and friends, and at the end of it she gave each of the moms a potted succulent to take home, including me (not an announcement). I said, but I'm not a mom! And she said, but you are a life-giver. I thought, what a great description for moms and mother figures. A life-giver. A nurturer; of friendships, gardens, homes, careers, marriages. Bringing life and hope where there wasn't any before. I love that description and am thankful for all the life-givers in my life.

I also want to acknowledge my friends who have a hard time with this holiday. For those who've lost moms or children, or are struggling with infertility, know that you are thought of today and are so loved. Hallmark holidays can be cruel for those who've experienced great loss, and I hope you felt extra loved and cared for today.

Other weekend highlights: a new-to-us bar. Really fun, great happy hour, so well designed and impossibly trendy. 

Mussels and cocktails on happy hour. 

Trader Joe's in full bloom. 

A sweet, sunny, spring weekend. So very excited for more of these warm days to come.