Summer is in full force in Seattle, as you can probably tell from the two-week blog silence. It's been consistently sunny and 70-80 degrees, which means we are outside at every chance we get. Thanks to how far north we are, the sun doesn't set until well into the 9:00pm hour, and we are usually out till past then playing volleyball, running greenback, or happy houring with friends. Here are some highlights as of late. 

Happy hour with my husband and treasured in-laws. 

Daniel with our nephew Jake Daniel. Hashtag sunglasses emoji face.

It's strawberry season.

Happy hour with Daniel at Manolin. We are crazy about our date nights. I read this from Shauna Niequist recently and I think it perfectly sums it up: "Making that time and pushing ourselves out of the house even when we're tired is so good for us, because it reminds us that we're living a love story not running a small business together. It reminds us that part of love is taking the time to listen to the tiny details of someone else's life and genuinely care about them."  I forget where I stumbled on that of hers but I so love the words and the meaning. Long live date night.

From a recent workshop that I had the privilege of attending as well as contributing as a vendor. Hoping to share more in an in-depth post soon.

Even though summer doesn't officially start until the 21st, it certainly feels like summer here. Hope you're all having a great start to this magical season.