I'm running my life at kind of an insane speed right now. I'm prepping for a big event at the end of this month, more details to come, and am racing through my days trying to get it all done. I need a filling lunch, and as fast as possible.

Enter: the no-chop salad. Trader Joe's makes this workday lunch possible, with zero chopping, by using a few key players; specifically pre-cooked lentils, shredded veggies, and crumbled goat cheese. 

Note: This post is not sponsored nor is this recipe (or any of my recipes) exact. Use it as a starting point and go from there!


lentils, pre-cooked

goat cheese crumbled

shredded carrots

shredded cabbage



olive oil

dijon mustard



I like to combine my dressings in mason jars and shake them. Pour over all the ingredients in a bowl. Enjoy this salad and the added bonus to no chopping: no cleanup! Such a win.

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