Last summer, I posted to Instagram about how much our french press was changing our coffee routine. Someone commented that I should try overnight cold brew, and we haven't looked back since. I love so many things about it, but especially the feeling of going to bed knowing I'm waking up to already made iced coffee, with no waiting for water to boil, or the 4 minutes it takes to steep. Making my mornings easier since 2014.


1. Place coarsely ground coffee in your french press (we use a 1:1 tablespoon of coffee to cup of water ratio)

2. Fill with cold water

3. Place lid on, but don't press through the grounds.

4. Place in fridge and let steep overnight.

5. Press through the grounds in the morning.

6. Enjoy your cold brew!

The gorgeous gold-handled ceramic mugs are handmade by my friend Anna of Arrow and Sage, and I love how each one is different. They are available for purchase here.