Our life currently looks like a lot of nesting, cleaning, and prepping for baby. It's fun to think about making a literal and emotional space for this tiny little human that's going to join us so soon.

One thing to check off our list was how this baby is going to sleep for the first few months. There's a million options, but we decided on this bassinet by Babyhome.

I liked that it was lightweight, easily portable for use next to our bed or elsewhere, and this year's version is updated to include two side mesh windows for easily seeing the status of your baby without having to hover overhead.

Safety is always my first concern with the baby, but a close second is the aesthetic, and I liked that this one was beautiful, modern, understated, and available in neutral colors. It doesn't scream "baby" or look like an eyesore when set up in our bedroom.

It's great for travel since it's smaller than a traditional pack-n-play, so we will likely be taking this with us for sleeping for the few trips we have planned for this summer with baby. Another feature I like is that it can easily switch between being stationary or a rocker to help soothe the baby. The bottom legs flip to change positions.

There's side pockets for storage, and it comes with an attachable changing pad.

We are officially in the third trimester and things are starting to feel more and more real. The prepping and nesting is at an all-time high and I don't see it slowly down anytime soon. I love preparing a space for this baby and dreaming about all that is to come. So much anticipation for us in this season of life.

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