Before having Trey, I did my nursing research. I took online courses, watched videos, read books, and felt as knowledgeable as I could, but still, each baby is different and each mama is different and sometimes you just need a little extra help. Our lactation consultants were lifesavers, I cannot recommend those enough. Here are some other nursing products that have helped us along.

Good Nursing Wear

Wearing something with easy access, especially when trying to nurse in public, helps. It's tricky to find good nursing wear that's functional and also cute, but these are some to recommend:

Navy tank by Nom. With the lace detailing here you'd never guess this top was designed for nursing. Use code FRIENDS for 20% off through August.

Swing top by Nom. Easiest fold over access, no snaps or buttons to navigate, and a sweater-like feel. Use code FRIENDS for 20% off through August.

Snap front tank by Nom. Love this classic look. The side ruching makes it perfect for pregnancy as well. Use code FRIENDS for 20% off through August.

Striped tank by Bun Maternity. Soft and long, and hidden snaps at at the top shoulder.

Swing top by Bun. Stretchy, great material, and a well-designed double layer with pull over access.

Poncho by Bun. An easy cover and top in one.

Nursing Pads

I didn't anticipate how many of these I would need. I wear them daily, and my favorite are by Bamboobies. They're the softest and thinnest, while still absorbing so much. I like having the overnight option as well for those first couple of weeks when your supply is adjusting.

Nursing Bras

Two to recommend here. Both by Bravado and available at Figure 8. This is my favorite seamless one and this is my favorite more structured one. I tried various brands, and I like the cut and fit of these two the best. They come with adapter clips to convert them to regular bras once you're through nursing as well. (Bonus: these are 20% off through August 15th! No code needed.)

Mobile Pump

Talk about a game changer! When we traveled to California, there was one point where I needed to stop and nurse in the car. Luckily the car we were in had an outlet adapter, but in case you're ever in a situation where you can't find an outlet, this pump is great. Medela is the brand that was recommended to me over and over again, and having this mobile option is so nice to not be stuck near an outlet while nursing.

Hands Free Pump Bra

Similarly to the pump, this is a must-have. I remarked to my husband at one point how glad I am to have this product, and he said "They don't all come with hands-free bras?! That's terrible! It's like the same as when they started putting wheels on suitcases!" It truly is a lifesaver and saves me so much time.

Radiation Blocking Blanket

This is an "extra" for sure, but I had no idea this kind of product existed and I looked for something like it during my pregnancy. Although I hate to admit it, I sometimes work on my computer while I nurse. This blanket blocks 99.9% of radiation, and I like not subjecting Trey to anything more than necessary since there isn't much conclusive research about the long term effects. 

Love all these products! I've learned a lot in navigating how to nurse and I'm so glad to have these things that have made it easier.

Nursing wear photos by Moch Snyder.

Shared in partnership with most companies listed. Product choices are my own.