When I was pregnant, I did my research for all the essentials that would make nursing easier. I discovered a local company, Milkies, that makes a variety of useful products that I want to highlight.

1. This catcher

Oh my goodness, if you have an abundant milk supply, this will be your BFF. It fits into my bra and catches and saves all the milk from one side, that drips like crazy when I nurse the opposite side and otherwise soaks my clothes. It's truly a lifesaver and I save ounces each time I feed.

2. These cloths

My favorite kind of burp cloth. These are so soft, and made of bamboo which I like better than polyester. I love the smaller size compared to the standard burp rags/cloth diapers because they're easier to navigate and they take up less room in my diaper bag. They're also super absorbent! Big win here for burp cloths.

3. This freezer organizer

If you're pumping, this is a great way to store frozen milk. It organizes milk by date so there's no guesswork of which one to use first.

4. This balm

I like a really soft, meltable balm for the least amount of irritation and most amount of protection when nursing. This one is fantastic.

5. These nursing pads

I like the washable ones over the disposables because they're softer and less irritating. These are contoured so they fit better, in addition to being so soft, plus they hold so much milk that they work for both daytime and overnight use. (If you're looking for something with extra padding, these are a cool concept and you can squeeze them out and reuse on the go.)

Such great products! Hope this helps someone else as they learn to nurse too.