When I was pregnant, I asked my Instagram following in this post here what we should pack for the hospital. So many veteran moms chimed in with things they loved having during their births. I posted to the blog here what we packed, and I wanted to share now being on the other side what things I was so glad to have.

My bucky (similar). The number one item I was glad I packed both for labor and recovery was this, handmade by mom but similar ones are available lots of places, a reusable heat pack made of buckwheat or something similar. I grabbed it as we were racing out of the house because my contractions were immediately so intense, and I needed it for pain relief. I used it both during labor, and during those follow up contractions when first nursing.

Speaker. Loved this. We picked Foy Vance to play during the birth, and it was perfect. Every time we'd hear those songs again that first week home we'd cry. We've seen him in concert once before, and lucky for us he's coming to Seattle this fall and we grabbed tickets to see him again. Having music at the birth was really special, I remember the songs that played and they mean the world to us now.

Snacks and gum. Just before pushing I got nauseous and really wanted minty gum, and all I brought was a random fruity flavor, which I normally love but tasted gross. My nurse graciously gave me a piece of minty gum she had on hand and it was the best. Next time I'll bring lots.

Water bottle. Used constantly.

Flip Flops. The only pair of shoes I needed the entire time. Great to have on while showering too.

Swaddles. Trey had dark spit up that first day from the birth process and every time we'd swaddle him (in white of course) two seconds later it would be stained dark. We'd reswaddle him so the stains wouldn't show in photos, but I was glad to have a few on hand. (Note: the hospital provides these, and you can totally use if you like, but I preferred having our own, super soft ones)

Hats/outfits for baby. We planned to take him home in this (which was/is my favorite newborn outfit) but it was a record breaking 93 degree heat day so he just wore the onesie, but I was still glad to have the softest outfit to put him in.

Outfits for me. We only stayed one day, and I only needed one outfit. I wore a black stretchy maternity dress which was perfect since I was so swollen from the pain relief drugs.

Nursing help: nursing bras, nipple balm, comfort packs. All were useful.

Makeup and shower things. It was so nice to feel semi put together after the birth.

Baby nail clippers. Our hospital provided nail files but not clippers, but you could use them if you brought your own.

Home from the hospital, for postpartum recovery I loved the Earth Mama Angel Baby line, and Thinx undies.

So glad to have all these things. Looking forward to sharing Trey's birth story soon.