Inspired by my friend Elise, I documented 2018 using the One Second Everyday app and loved it.

A few notes: while the app is designed optimally at horizontal, I mostly shot vertical since that’s what I take my photos in, so you’ll see lots of blank space on either side of most of the frames. I realized it was more important that I just remembered to take the video at all, so it doesn’t bother me, but maybe I will be better about shooting horizontal next year.

It captures our everyday moments of the year, the ones that make up a life. You can choose to do one second or 1.5 seconds, and most of my clips are 1.5. You can also choose two from each day, and I did that for many, so my clip is a bit longer than if you stuck to 365 seconds.

I skipped many, many days, especially in the fall when I was so sick. It’s flexible like that and if you miss days (or weeks or months!) it’s not a big deal. You can choose from other days you have saved or just skip and move on.

I love this method for kids! I took a million photos but hardly any videos of Trey before I started documenting this way, and I feel like it’s the new “family VHS” video format. We have tons of video footage from my childhood so I’m happy to capture Trey also in this way, and to be documenting all the details beyond a photo - voices, sounds, movement. It’s a rich medium, and a simple app to use.