Sharing some last minute Easter basket, spring birthday, or just because gift ideas.

-Ethically Made Bunnies. I've shared these before, but Cuddle and Kind makes my favorite dolls for kids. Bonus that they give back too.

-Sunscreen. Our California friends get to use this year round but we very much look forward to more sunny days. I like the more natural kinds and was thrilled to have found this brand that has a clean rating of 1. We have the spray and the (clear!) zinc stick.

-A fun hat. My friend from grad school has a child with hydrocephalus and this one supports that cause.

-New shoes for summer. Loafers/sneakers/boots/sandals

-Books. Easter or spring themed, or just because! A whole post planned of our favorites will go live soon.



-Play mats

-Water bottles

-Bow ties/Hair bows





-Art supplies


-Play Dough

-Sand toys

-Kids cooking supplies




-Puppets/finger puppets

Just some ideas to share. I'm a firm believer that we all have enough toys and these toddlers really don't need much at this age. They're happiest with just us and our attention. Enjoy your littles this Easter! Holidays with kids are the total best.