La Croix is having a moment. It is everywhere. People (including myself) cannot get enough. When I realized both how much I was spending at Costco regarding this habit and how much the cans were piling up in the recycling, I thought, this can't be the best thing for my wallet or the environment.

I did a little research into it, and I realized the amount of cans I thought I was being so good about by recycling weren't actually doing the earth any favors (greenhouse gases, energy in production, toxic emissions, and so forth). Of course, in the question of recycling vs. not recycling, recycling is always better, but not having to recycle at all is best.

That, plus the trace amount of BPA were enough to make me look into other options.

So, enter DIY La Croix. I researched sparkling water machines and went with this one by Soda Stream. There are so many models, but I liked that this one doesn't plug into the wall and the reviews were good. There are other models that are automated for light to strong bubbles, but I like being able to control that myself. You can see a comparison chart here. This one isn't either the most expensive or the least. You can enjoy it as is, or if you miss the extra taste boost you can add these flavors essences - which, similarly to La Croix, have no added real or artificial sugar, just a slight flavor.

Cheers to your health and the environment!

Shared in partnership with Soda Stream.