Brown Water Coffee

Brown Water Coffee

 contacted me via 


 and offered to send me a bag of their grounds to try. Of course I never turn down free coffee, so I happily agreed. After taking a quick look at their website, I realized this company is about much more than just good coffee. Their motto – “Drink brown water so others don’t have to” immediately intrigued me. 

Brown Water Coffee is a new coffee company located in Denver, and the founder wanted to combine both philanthropy and a for-profit business. With each sale of coffee, Brown Water helps fund clean water projects around the world.

Clean water seems like a given to many of us, but this is not the reality for a startling one in seven people worldwide. Not having access to clean water contributes to a whole host of diseases, and is a preventable problem. A portion of each sale of Brown Water Coffee goes directly to addressing this issue.

For the good that this company is doing alone, I’m a fan. But on top of that, they make an excellent product. We tried their Guatemala roast in our French press both hot and cold-brewed, and we were thoroughly impressed with both.

The Guatemala roast is light, and the package lists passion fruit tasting notes. The flavor is almost citrusy sweet, and it’s perfect iced for summer. 

Brown Water Coffee, we are big fans. Congratulations on your recent launch and kudos to you for all the good you’re doing.

Not a paid endorsement.