We're three months into this new motherhood season, and I'm learning so much. The biggest learning curve for me recently has been learning how to balance work life with mom life.

Since I work from home, the lines are so blurred. I heard someone describe entrepreneurship as a struggle between feeling like you're always working vs. never working. So relatable as a new mom. Am I doing too much/not enough/in what areas/what is my identity/who or what needs my attention right now/what ball am I currently dropping? I'm learning how to juggle it all in a new way, for sure.

One thing I'm learning is especially important for me right now is self-care. I think of the oxygen mask analogy on a plane, when the flight attendant says over the loudspeaker, "If you're traveling with someone who needs assistance, please secure your own mask first." I never really got that until now. But, duh.

I need to take care of myself first so that I can best take care of Trey.

One way that I am taking care of myself these days is remembering to EAT. It sounds insane, but some days I am racing around, trying to work and take care of him and DO IT ALL that I forget to feed myself.

This is a downward spiral.

If I'm running on empty, this ship will not sail, and by 4pm we will all be one crabby mess. A few easy snacks I'm loving lately: sliced turkey, veggies and hummus, chips and salsa, and peach Outshine Fruit Bars. I need sustenance, and I need it fast. Bonus points if I can eat it with one hand and Trey in my other.

With a newborn and a full time career, there isn't much margin or room for anything "extra" these days, unless I make it a priority

I'm choosing to make self-care a priority for me. It's just as important as my work and taking care of Trey. In fact, it's the building block that all the other hats I wear depend on.

How do you practice self-care? Would love to hear the ways that help you stay refueled so that you can pour out in your work and family life.

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