Trey had his first cold last weekend, poor guy! I didn't even know babies could get colds at this age, and he wasn't even around anyone who was sick, but somehow he picked up a bug. He already seems better, but we chatted with our pediatrician just to be sure we were doing the right things. We heard there's really not much you can do for colds at this age besides helping them stay hydrated by breastfeeding often and watching for fevers, so we followed that, and he quickly improved. A few items that we used and were glad to have on hand:

1. Humidifier. The cool air, not hot air ones, are recommend to use while babies sleep to help with congestion. This one is quiet and sleek.

2. Thermometer. This ear design takes only one second to get a reading. Perfect for wiggly babies. Plus, there are no probe covers required and it syncs to your phone via bluetooth. The company also makes this Smart Stick, awesome for older kiddos age 4+ (and adults too) for a quick read orally or under the arm. Lots more info on their website here.

3. The Snot Sucker. The concept originally sounded so gross to me, but I'm a believer! It's totally sanitary and it works. It's awesome for clearing out stuffy tiny noses.

4. Essential Oils. I haven't really tapped into this yet, but I know people who swear by them as a natural remedy for a whole range of health issues for kids. Do you have experience with EOs? How do you use them on your babies?

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