Whew, mamahood!

Talk about a lifestyle change. Things have felt pretty full around here lately. It's a lot trying to merge new baby life with old work life, and I'm sure I will be forever chasing that elusive "balance" and whatever that looks like for me, but I'm slowly finding my rhythm.

I'm on the go with Trey a lot. I'm always curious about how other moms do it, so I'm sharing how I pack my diaper bag today and things that have helped.

1. This diaper bag. Fawn Design makes a great bag. I loved it so much (you might remember it in brown from this post) that I got in black for fall. It can be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag, it's enough space, it has gold hardware not silver, and it's wipeable. I've cleaned spills out of mine so many times already and am so happy about that feature. (They also just released this changing pad accessory kit. It comes with a travel wipes dispenser and a changing mat in a cute case. Brilliant.)

2. Diapers. My favorite so far are Pampers. For wipes: Costco and Honest.

3. Gathre mat. I love the small size as a changing pad. Wipeable and beautiful.

4. Covered Goods Nursing Cover. This product has been a lifesaver. I use it as a nursing cover and carseat cover (We have the Nuna car seat which has a built-in cover so I thought I wouldn't need to use it this way, but I actually use it like this all the time. The Covered Goods cover has better all over protection, especially in the sun.)

5. Solly Baby Wrap. I have two of these, I like to have one at home at one packed in my bag in case I want to carry him while I'm out somewhere. It's lightweight and so much more packable than some of the other carriers.

6. Baggu Mesh Pouches. I love an organized bag, and this is how I do it. I store everything for a diaper change in one (diapers, wipes, changing pad) and my fabric items in another (Solly Baby Wrap and Covered Goods nursing cover). I like that I can see through these mesh pouches so I know exactly what's in them.

7. Suede Pouch for me. I use this Baggu pouch (on sale!) to keep my personal things separate from baby items. I pack my phone, hobo clutch (that I've used daily for 11 years) lip stick, chapstick, and headphones in it for walks. I like having it all in one place so that when I'm baby free all I need to do is grab it and go.

8. Lightweight blanket. So many uses, I like the ones by Little Unicorn.

9. Spare onesie. The simplest outfit change in case of a blowout.

10. Packable grocery bags. In Seattle we have to pay five cents per grocery bag, so I like to have at least one reusable bag on me for when I need to swing by the store when I'm out. My favorite are these by Baggu. They fold up into a tiny pouch so they take up the least amount of room in my bag, they're lightweight, they hold a ton of groceries (up to 50lbs!) plus they're a great price point at $9 and they're ethically made. Big fan.

(This is how small they fold up. The tiniest/easiest to pack reusable bag with the best patterns. I also love the Mesh Style and this for traveling with shoes.)

These are all helping me be on the go with a baby! Would love to hear your favorites as well.

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Ohhhh the diaper bag search. I wanted something that met my two never-ending requirements: both stylish and functional. I rounded up my favorites in each category here.

BEST DIY: Tote Savvy $79.99

This tote insert will turn any large bag into a diaper bag. I've been using mine in my Madewell Tote pre-baby and have loved it. It's made of nylon so it's easy to clean, it has an insulated/waterproof pocket for baby bottles or your own water bottle, lots of other pockets and storage, and a clip for keeping track of your car keys. Perfect budget option, or for when you just can't give up your own purse to carry a diaper bag you don't love as much. Use code ALLIE for 15% off.

BEST BACKPACK: Fawn Design $145.99

The backpack diaper bag has to be the best invention ever. Hands-free, for when you need to carry the car seat and the diaper bag and groceries and Everything Else all at once. I love the functionality of this one and the look (hello, minimal design and gold hardware). There's four outside pockets, 5 inside pockets, and the faux leather easily wipes clean. You can purchase these hooks to attach to your stroller as well. Such a win in the diaper bag department.

BEST SPLURGE: PacaPod Firenze $520


If you're in the market for a high-end diaper bag, this is the one for you. Carried by celebrities all over the UK, this bag is made of real leather and is top of the line. The genius PacaPod system consists of two removable, zippered, waterproof pods, one designed for feeding and one designed for diapering. It boasts a variety of other features like a separate compartment for a laptop, stroller hooks, changing pad, the red PacaPod even turns into a mini backpack for a child. See this video at the bottom of the page here of how it works. This bag is organization and style at it's best.

I've been so impressed by all three of these and am so glad that there are stylish options in this department.

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Shared in partnership with all brands listed. Style choices and opinions are my own.