I’ve gradually become more and more aware of the things I put in/on my body in terms of chemical exposure, and exponentially more so when I’m pregnant. (Read about my first launch into more natural products in this post here and with my first pregnancy here.)

I recently discovered a new-to-me line of natural mineral makeup, safe for pregnancy. Since discovering the Think Dirty App, I check the ratings on my most of products there, and these have all received ratings of “clean” (app not sponsored, just like it). They have a luxury feel, while still being natural and affordable. This is what I’m wearing on my face this pregnancy:

I start with the Flawless Finish Cream Foundation with the High Def Buki Brush. I wear the Spice color and it’s a perfect match, warming my skin tone just slightly but still blending evenly into my pale winter skin. I like that the coverage is sheer but buildable, covering what I want but also looking very makeup-free. I’ve also been surprised at how well it wears - staying on all day even while working and chasing a toddler.

I am a big blush person. I like a flushed glow, so I apply the Multi Purpose Powder in Pink Parfait with the Petite Face Brush as a base and I layer Baked Blush Berry Blast over the top. It’s shimmery but not shiny, and I am a big fan. Since we live in Seattle and hardly see sun this time of year, I apply the Pressed Bronzer in Fiji just below the blush and near my temples and I blend it all together with the Chisel and Blend Brush. There is a tutorial for how to shade and contour more in depth here.

There are three Multi Purpose Powders I like: Moonless Night, Brazilian Brown, and White Diamond. They can be used interchangeably, but I use Moonless Night as an eyeliner with the Angle Eye Liner Brush (thanks to a tip from a makeup artist that powder eyeliner is longer-wearing than waxy sticks), and Brazilian Brown as a brow filler with the same brush. I am back to my DIY lash extensions, so I don’t bother with mascara and find that I don’t need the extra definition of eyeshadow, both saving me precious morning minutes. For an all over face highlighter I swipe White Diamond across the apples of my cheeks and down the bridge of my nose for that extra “pregnancy glow.”

I don’t wear lipstick everyday, but for a date or special occasion I like Pur’ Lips Lipstick in Champagne on Ice. It’s a great natural-looking mauve-pink. A safe lipstick formula is especially important, as we accidentally swallow so much of what’s on our lips, not to mention absorb it topically.

When we welcome this next baby, I anticipate hardly doing anything to my face during that time (which is also a reason why I love eyelash extensions for the newborn weeks) but I could see myself just keeping my favorites - the cream foundation and shimmer baked blush - as my two-minute makeup routine. Streamlining everything is the name of the game during that season, while also feeling more like yourself again and looking slightly more well-rested than you actually are.

Love these! Glad to have found them.

Shared in partnership with Rejuva Minerals. Not a sponsored post.


Since being pregnant, I've tried to switch most of my skincare and makeup line to more natural products. Finding good, mineral-based makeup can be tricky, but I finally found a line I love: Jane Iredale. Every product I've tried has been fantastic, exceeding my expectations for quality, color, and coverage. Here are a few products I'm loving:


1. Concealer

I knew a good, mineral based concealer was missing from my routine, but I didn't know just how badly or how much of a difference it would make for me. I don't think I'll ever go back to being a non-under-eye-concelear-user again. I like the design of this product; the twist function is as quick as can be, and I love the brightening, wide-awake effect. No doubt I will be using this like crazy in the middle of my sleep-deprived nights/days with a newborn. I wear shade No. 2.

2. Primer

Even just from a few weeks of use, I can already feel a difference in the texture of my skin from using this product. I wear this primer everyday under my makeup. I started using it mainly to smooth pores before my foundation application, but I've found that when I wash my face at the end of the day, my skin feels smoother and less flaky than my usual rough, winter appearance. It took me a while to realize the connection, but I love the results and am impressed by this multi-functional product. 

3. Foundation

Jane Iredale makes a few foundation formulas: Amazing Base (a loose powder), PurePressed Base (a compact, pressed foundation) and Liquid Minerals (a liquid mineral foundation). All three are excellent and have different benefits. My favorite is Liquid Minerals combined with Amazing Base for the coverage and versatility. The brush you use with the Amazing Base and PurePressed Base really does make a difference, use a flat-head brush for more coverage and a standard brush for a lighter dusting. All three look natural, have SPF, and the coverage is good and buildable. The shade I wear is Warm Sienna.


People talk about this "pregnancy glow" that is supposed to happen while carrying a growing child. This is most definitely not happening for me, but I can fake it with a few key products.

1. Blush & Highlighter

To give my cheeks more color I wear this blush in Whisper. The formula has a slight shimmer built in which I like, and the color is a warm peach. To enhance the highlighter effect, I use this highlighter in Rose Gold. The product is highly concentrated color and shimmer and best used sparingly. I tap out a tiny, small amount, and work it into my brush and go from there. A little goes a long way, and the effect is that coveted, slightly reflective, lit-from-within glow.

2. Hydration Spray

This product sets my makeup and adds a "dewy" look that I love. I love that it's full of antioxidants and good things for my skin, while making my makeup last longer and look fresh and natural.

So glad to have found this line! Perfect during pregnancy, and the quality is so good I'll continue to use it post-baby as well. What are your favorite natural skincare and makeup products?