I'm always thrilled to find a children's company that gives back. I had heard of Tea Collection before (they're in some big retailers like Nordstrom) but I didn't know the extend of what they're doing for kids around the world. A portion of every sale gives back to The Global Fund for Children, helping with initiatives including child refugees, child trafficking, poverty, and other marginalized youth. Read more about what they're doing here. Some special edition items even give back 100%, shop those here. Take $10 off your order through Wednesday with the code SEIDEL10.


Some of my favorite picks are the rompers (and long sleeved ones for toddlers are hard to find!). Trey is in this one in the above photo - only $19.50 after the discount! So good for ethically made. I also love this one and this one (hello knee patches).

Our nephew turned 3 over the weekend and I put Trey in this polo romper. Durable enough for play but slightly nicer with the collar for a birthday party. The stomp rocket was a huge hit (if you're in the market fora3 yr old boy birthday present) and so was the bouncy house Daniel and I picked up at a garage sale a few weekends ago. Three year olds, man...everything is so awesome.


Trey and his Uncle Luke cracking each other up. Too good.


Happy back to school shopping! This is a good one.