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This SHAKE IT OFF print is now available in the shop to download! Not just for T. Swift, this print is useful for putting life in perspective for everything from the little things to the big things. Hand lettered in navy blue watercolor, this print is the perfect addition to your home or office, or anywhere needing a little encouragement.  

Formatted to print on standard letter-sized paper at home, and can be trimmed to 8x10 to fit standard frames. Print on fancier paper with card stock or Luxe White Cover available at Paper Source. 

Available for immediate download here

The Valentine's Day Collection is Live!

The Valentine's Day Collection is live! Shop the full line here.

envelope color choices: red, blush pink, hot pink, kraft

envelope color choices: red, blush pink, hot pink, kraft

I've always loved Valentine's Day. I'm a big holiday person in general, but this one is so much fun for me. I distinctively remember wearing a red skirt and white tights with little red hearts all over them on Valentine's Day to elementary school, and loving it. I made my own Valentine cards then, and I'm still making my own Valentine cards now :)

The collection features a variety of hand lettered cards and stamps, designed by me. Envelope colors include four choices so you can mix and match your set however you like. 

Ink colors on the cards include classic black or an amazing ombre gold foil. Both are stunning and go with any of the envelope choices.

I loved lettering these card designs. They have just enough edge to be different and unexpected, while still being flirty and fun. 



The cards are digitally printed and feel smooth, but look textured. Unique and beautiful. 

A darling little XOXO stamp, perfect for making DIY Valentine's, tiny love notes, or stationary year round. 

Lots of pretty goodies for your Valentine! Head over to the shop here to order.


The One Little Word Project was started by Ali Edwards in 2006 as an alternative to the standard New Year's resolution. Essentially, it involves deciding on one word as your guiding principle of the year. See more in her blog post here

My One Little Word for 2015 is SIMPLIFY

I've gotten a taste of this word with my capsule wardrobe project started last fall. In pairing down my wardrobe to 30-ish items that I truly loved, I felt more satisfied wearing my favorites rather than rummaging every morning through tons of items I just kind of liked. The simplicity felt like it gave me room to breathe. I actually feel like I have more wardrobe options when I work with less, because I know what works and what I love, and I'm purposeful about my pieces. 

I've had so much success with this concept that I figured it would be worth expanding into other areas of my life. I want to only live with what I truly need, and do away with all the excess. I want to simplify: my things & possessions, but also my time, my schedule, and how I run the business. I want to run my life smarter and more strategically. Simply instead of chaotic.

I feel like I can be a person of excess sometimes. I thrive on full days, and the busiest social calendar imaginable. Last year, my husband and I often had commitments 4 out of 5 weeknights each week, plus multiple parties/events every weekend. There wasn't much room for simplicity in our schedule. This year, I'm much more aware of that, and I think I will continuously be learning how to live between too little and too much. 

Excited for this word and for this year. Cheers to 2015!