I shared this recipe on my stories yesterday and wanted to highlight it here too. It's an easy, healthy, delicious lunch. I used to use quinoa, but since Trader Joe's came out with a fresh riced cauliflower, I used that instead to get an extra dose of vegetables (and to make it completely grain free!) Minus the cheese it's Whole 30 approved as well.


+ riced cauliflower (buy fresh or frozen, or make your own)

+ greens (I used arugula, could also use spinach and/or kale)

+ 2-3 eggs

+ goat cheese

+ shaved parmesan

+ lime

+ salt

+ everything seasoning

Start by sautéing the riced cauliflower in olive oil. Add greens, cook until wilted. Add eggs, scramble with everything. Add cheeses until melted. Add more greens at the end if you want. Top with a generous squeeze of lime + sea salt + everything seasoning. Enjoy! Simple, easy, fresh, healthy.