A random assortment of a few things I'm thinking about this fall.

ON CLOTHES: It seems like every time I turn around Trey needs new clothes. I think the first two years see the most in terms of rapid growth, combined with the fact that here in the northwest we have very distinct seasons, but it honestly seems like every couple of weeks he needs the next size, or something warmer or cooler, or new shoes, a jacket, etc.

I'm hoping that as he approaches the 2T size, we'll need to buy less often, since theoretically that size should last us a whole year, instead of the 3 month (or shorter!) craziness that is newborn land.


Photos from the pumpkin patch last weekend...the Disneyland of the Pacific Northwest. (Side note: are your kids still into pumpkin patches? At what age do they think it's "uncool"? I feel like we'll only get a few years out of this tradition... everyone in the patch was either a baby, toddler, or parent. Hoping to get at least a few years out of this one and enjoying all the photos we do get at this age.)

Trey's romper is by Gray Label, one of our favorite children's clothing brands, super soft and stretchy. These are loose fit and running big, I bought up so it'll fit for more than one season.


Gray Label also just released this fun game for getting your toddler or younger child dressed. Roll the dice to see who's turn it is (child or adult) and then roll the other dice to see what item you get to choose (socks, shirt, pants, etc.). At Trey's age I still do all of the choosing, but I thought this was a fun, non-threatening way to approach the getting dressed struggle if other people are needing ideas.


Needed to size up in tees. We've graduated from onesies to the pull on kind. Love these by Colored Organics, both for the quality of their clothes and how they're ethically made. Read more about their commitment to building orphanages for children in India here.


I am still such a fan of our Baggu bags. Newest fall prints include strawberries and the oranges, which look like something straight out of Anthropologie. These last forever, carry up to 50 lbs, and can be thrown in the washer and dryer as well. The baby size is perfect for work lunches.


Fall uniform: denim, stripes, puffy vest, clogs, and this crossover purse.

Sickness has his our house big time already this fall. Doing all that I can to disinfect and stay healthy. Still using our Babyganics products. I like the travel sized of the soothing protective ointment as lip gloss and keep these in the car and in my purse.


This cute little bear headband is actually a set of headphones for kids! Since we travel with Trey a lot, we got him a certain hand-held electronic device so he could watch a show or play a game when flying or on long car rides. I looked for headphones for toddlers and was so happy to find these by CozyPhones, that have sounded embedded into them. So much softer and easier for little ears to wear than the standard kind.

Happy fall! So many things to love about this season.

Shared in partnership with all companies listed, although I was not paid to endorse any item.



My child can eat. It's amazing to me how much one tiny little body can put away.

Sharing a list of healthy snacks and lunch ideas, mostly for me for when I need to shake things up, and also in case it helps someone else who's looking for something new to try. This list is not revolutionary by any means - we keep toddler food pretty simple around here - but I like having it all in one place that I can refer back to when I need new ideas. Feel free to share your own in the comments!


-sliced turkey

-chicken apple sausage (Be very careful with sausages and hotdogs - Trey loves them but they can be a choking hazard. You know your child best if they're ready for chewing them, and always watch your child very carefully while eating.)


-beans and rice

-tofu (totally serious if you have an adventurous eater - we get the extra firm kind, slice it and grill it and so far Trey thinks it's great)

-pesto pasta

-greek yogurt

-beans (all kinds)


-cheddar (grass fed at TJs)

-fruits - any kind: fresh, dried, frozen, etc. Bananas, apples, berries, stone fruits, cuties, grapes (halved with a knife or scissors), figs, etc.

-applesauce packets

-veggies (peas, corn, tomatoes, avocado, etc.)


-quesadillas/grilled cheese

-cheesy quinoa

-PB & J sandwiches

-frozen mini pizzas

-pretzels, crackers, cheerios, granola bars, etc.


When we pack a picnic I use the Zoli Lunch Kit, it comes with a layered snack container and a thermos for hot or cold items.

Trey's favorite water bottles and sippy cups are by Zoli. I really like the straw kind. Be sure to get the replacement straws as they can wear out after a few months of use.

If you'd like to share, let me know your go-to toddler snacks and lunches in the comments. I always love hearing new ideas.


I'm always thrilled to find a children's company that gives back. I had heard of Tea Collection before (they're in some big retailers like Nordstrom) but I didn't know the extend of what they're doing for kids around the world. A portion of every sale gives back to The Global Fund for Children, helping with initiatives including child refugees, child trafficking, poverty, and other marginalized youth. Read more about what they're doing here. Some special edition items even give back 100%, shop those here. Take $10 off your order through Wednesday with the code SEIDEL10.


Some of my favorite picks are the rompers (and long sleeved ones for toddlers are hard to find!). Trey is in this one in the above photo - only $19.50 after the discount! So good for ethically made. I also love this one and this one (hello knee patches).

Our nephew turned 3 over the weekend and I put Trey in this polo romper. Durable enough for play but slightly nicer with the collar for a birthday party. The stomp rocket was a huge hit (if you're in the market fora3 yr old boy birthday present) and so was the bouncy house Daniel and I picked up at a garage sale a few weekends ago. Three year olds, man...everything is so awesome.


Trey and his Uncle Luke cracking each other up. Too good.


Happy back to school shopping! This is a good one.