We snuck away for a quick two day, one night adventure to Vancouver. We brought both kids, and it’s never been “just us” before on a family vacation, we’ve always gone to see extended family or friends, so this was a first. It was a lot of chaos and a lot of fun.


Tacos: La Taqueria. Cheap and great. Happy Hour 3-6pm.


MeeT in Gastown. Almost everything is vegan/GF.

Nelson the Seagull. Cute coffee shop. We also liked JJ Bean.

One of the best parts of staying downtown: we walked everywhere and didn’t use our car for two days. This city double stroller by Thule saved us. This is the glider board which drives easier than the universal fit ones.


Our rookiest move was trying to eat in restaurants with small children. It was too much for our kids’ ages. Luckily we had Trey’s tablet with us which saved us multiple times, but we learned next time to just always take everything to go and picnic our way through the day. (Another options is to stay in an AirBnB outside the city so you’d have a kitchen.)

Pool of my dream! Kitsilano Pool. Heated, outdoor, saltwater pool. We spent hours here. Our whole family got in for $6 CAD (under $5 USD!) for the whole day with in/out privileges. Outside the city, so if you’re staying downtown it’s a short drive (or a bike ride).

Umaluma Gelato. Plant based, dairy free, right above the pool.

Our downtown hotel pool view was insane. It really is a gorgeous city nestled right next to water and mountains.

Other noteworthy things:

The exchange rate changes daily, buy when we went the rate was 1 CAD to .76 USD, which means everything is about 30% off if you pay with an American credit card. (Especially fun at the Lululemon flagship where the prices are the same as marked in the US, but you get the discount.)

At this time, babies need only a birth certificate to travel between countries, instead of a passport.

Pack all the snacks you think you’ll need, then double it.

A tablet (or something similar) and kids headphones are a lifesaver.

The drive time from Seattle is only about three hours, which we’ve found is the perfect amount of time for a road trip with kids at this age. Not too long, but far enough that you feel like you’re really out of your daily routine.

Seawall is a fun walk. We put the kids in the stroller, walked along the waterfront, and actually got to have a conversation.

Next time I want to try:

Coffee: Matchstick, Jam Cade, Le Marche St George, Federal Store, Liberty, Dalina

Eats: Nuba Town, Tacofino, Juice Truck, Las Margaritas, 33 Acres, Hey Komoko, Ask for Luigi, Tuc Craft Kitchen

Ice Cream: Rain or Shine, Earnest

To Do: Mt. Pleasant Park, Old Faithful Shop

We’re excited to go back! Traveling with kids takes some strategic planning, but the adventure is worth it. Just go, embrace the chaos, the laundry will still be there when you get back home.



A new mom’s dream: a box of organic produce, delivered to her door, without having to think about it.

Have you heard of Imperfect Produce? They just recently started delivering to our zip code and I am hooked. We get a small box every other week and you can customize what’s inside a few days before your delivery. It’s simple and easy, as well as a great way to get more produce into your your rotation. The “imperfections” vary but are hardly noticeable, like size or shape. We’re hooked! Get $10 off your first box with this link here.

(Not sponsored, we signed up for this ourselves, just wanted to share!)



We had a huge snow dump on Sunday that has stuck around for a few days, with more expected this weekend. It’s the most snow I can ever remember in ten years of living here, and 100% more than there was in my childhood (hello, California and 50 degree “winters”). It’s been fun! Lots of quality time with Trey, and an out-of-the-ordinary weekly schedule.

By day three we have our routine down: we do breakfast, get geared up, and go for a walk. I am still trying to get one mile in every day this pregnancy, snow or not, and so far so good. Getting outside, even while frigid, makes a huge difference for me (and Trey!) in our days. Trey usually walks for half of it, and throws snowballs along the way, then rides in the stroller for the way home. (I loved our stroller before, but because of the way it handles in the snow my love for it is on a whole new level, it’s this one.) Then, while we still have gear on, we go sledding in the backyard until we’re frozen, come in for a “hot tub” full of bubbles in the bath to warm up, then lunch, nap, and more playing in the afternoon. Daniel has been home early because of the closures which has been fun too. One night this week we did “night sledding” at our neighbors after dinner who also have toddlers and a big backyard hill. It’s been really fun. Cold but sunny, unexpected but welcomed, surprising but needed, and we’ve really been enjoying it.

Fielding some questions on Instagram about my snow boots, I bought them years ago and love them. Linked here.