Every January, it seems like everyone I know is Whole30-ing. While I don't go to that extreme, I do feel the nudge to eat just slightly healthier, or at least add a few new meals into our rotation. It's January. It's post-holidays. It's raining and grey most days in the Pacific Northwest, and trying some new, healthy dinners sounds like just the thing to spice up January. Sharing some new to me, not sponsored finds.

My New Roots. All plant-based and gorgeous. There's a recipe for cashew cheese that I want to try in here.

Love Real Food. New, Vegetarian (easily adaptable for non-vegetarians too) and already a best seller.

Green Travels Kitchen. Reads like a beautful postcard, filled with stories. Tips for traveling with kids in the intro.

From the queen of healthy, fancy, bay area cooking, Alice Water's In the Green Kitchen. Featuring stories and techniques from chefs all over.


My Darling Lemon Thyme. Some excellent, healthy, creative desserts in here and other creative dishes. Emma has a newer book out as well.

Love & Lemons. Organized by vegetable, I love the layout of this book. Helpful for when you find yourself with a pound of asparagus and no dinner plan. The graphic design in this book is all the heart eye emjois.


Same authors as Green Kitchen Travels, this one is all smoothies. I love new smoothie ideas, especially in the winter when they can get forgotten. Green Kitchen Smoothies.




Not that kind of bar :)

There are a million protein bars on the market marketed to us as "healthy" but many of them are anything but. I'd seen these RXBARS before (I'm a sucker for good packaging and anything GF) but hadn't tried them, so when they reached out to me to try a sample I happily agreed.

They're great. Chewy, delicious, not too sweet, packed with protein and clean and healthy. A great snack for toddlers and adults. They are on the pricier side of bars but they are big, so you can split into two snacks (IF you have enough self-control) :) The chocolate flavor is my favorite.


Shared in partnership with RXBAR.


I posted yesterday to Instagram that I got this milk frother for Christmas and it's been a game changer.

It's similar to Nespresso but less expensive with better reviews, it's an Amazon best seller and unlike the cheaper handheld ones, it warms the milk too. Love that it's one touch (hello, mornings with a baby) and even froths almond milk which I didn't think possible. Got a few requests for the brand so wanted to share here. (Not sponsored, just sharing!)