We're 6.5 weeks into this new babyhood and motherhood season, and I have so many thoughts on all of it. I shared on Instagram that: "It's so much love and it's also hard, but it's the good kind of hard, the kind you want to work for. Like running a marathon with your spouse and the best support team of all your family and friends. I feel like every time I get an encouraging text, or a thoughtful gift, or dinner dropped off, I'm passing a water station. Feeling thankful for my people and especially this baby and this season of life. Best one yet."

I think the biggest adjustment for me has been learning to let things go, leave things unfinished, choose my priorities, and shift for a season. Newborn life is crazy on some levels. The first week was the hardest; emotionally, physically, logistically, just everything. But I also just felt so happy. It seemed like Daniel and I were both crying every day, both because we were so happy and at times because we were so overwhelmed. But, each day got a little bit better on every account: my recovery, figuring him out, getting through the early nursing hurdles, just all of it. It's a huge lifestyle adjustment that nothing can really prepare you for, but is also so so wonderful and indescribable.

The weeks following were more adjusting. We took Trey on his first plane flight to California when he was 4 weeks old, over the 4th of July weekend to meet up with my entire extended family. We do this trip every year and we were so glad that the timing worked out for us to take Trey. That was the sweetest, we have so many memories at that lake including our wedding three summers ago, and also I remember feeling so exhausted. He didn't sleep great being away and that was our first experience with that.

When we got back from that trip I feel like I found my rhythm for the first time in July. I started running again, something I missed hugely in my pregnancy, and was able to take on work here and there and started to feel really productive during naps. I still feel like I have to choose though, I can't get everything I want to get done in a day, so I choose what's most important and let the rest go. I'm trying to focus on the few things I did get done in a day instead of all that I didn't get to.

Thoughts on Trey: he's an "easy" baby. I say it in quotes because in reality, no baby is easy and all babies take lots and lots of work, time, and care. He's "easy" in the sense that he currently is sleeping in one 5 hour stretch a night, which he's done since the early weeks, he nurses like a champ (and it used to be extremely painful for me, but it no longer is), he naps great during the day, he's generally easygoing, and we're starting to get smiles which is the best thing I've ever seen. He's a typical baby in the sense that he gets fussy in the late afternoon and needs more help from then through the evenings. Some moments are blissful and some moments are hard, and I think that's just the way it goes.

I'm continuously thankful for my mom squad, and friends online and off who constantly encourage me in this sometimes crazy but always rewarding new role. Glad to have this space where I can process the adjustment. Looking forward to sharing more, including his birth story, in the coming weeks.


When I was pregnant, I did my research for all the essentials that would make nursing easier. I discovered a local company, Milkies, that makes a variety of useful products that I want to highlight.

1. This catcher

Oh my goodness, if you have an abundant milk supply, this will be your BFF. It fits into my bra and catches and saves all the milk from one side, that drips like crazy when I nurse the opposite side and otherwise soaks my clothes. It's truly a lifesaver and I save ounces each time I feed.

2. These cloths

My favorite kind of burp cloth. These are so soft, and made of bamboo which I like better than polyester. I love the smaller size compared to the standard burp rags/cloth diapers because they're easier to navigate and they take up less room in my diaper bag. They're also super absorbent! Big win here for burp cloths.

3. This freezer organizer

If you're pumping, this is a great way to store frozen milk. It organizes milk by date so there's no guesswork of which one to use first.

4. This balm

I like a really soft, meltable balm for the least amount of irritation and most amount of protection when nursing. This one is fantastic.

5. These nursing pads

I like the washable ones over the disposables because they're softer and less irritating. These are contoured so they fit better, in addition to being so soft, plus they hold so much milk that they work for both daytime and overnight use. (If you're looking for something with extra padding, these are a cool concept and you can squeeze them out and reuse on the go.)

Such great products! Hope this helps someone else as they learn to nurse too.



Announcing the arrival of our son, Trey James Seidel, born June 4th, 2016 at 6:54 am, weighing 7 lbs 9oz and measuring 20.5". This photo of him is at one month, just popping back in to say that I will be posting content still here on the blog but less frequently.  We are very much enjoying this sweet season with baby Trey, and I'm finding a new normal and daily routine with him. I plan to share his birth story at some point and more updates and musings on motherhood and our overall adjustment. Thank you for all your well wishes! We are overjoyed.