Capsule Wardrobe Update

It's 8 days into my capsule wardrobe for fall, and so far I'm really enjoying this project. I often get asked questions about it, so I'm fielding a few FAQs here.

How's it going? Great! I love the simplicity of it, streamlining my morning decisions, and knowing I have only my favorites to choose from.

Have you kept to your 37 pieces? Yes. I did make one change, I switched out one sweater I hadn't worn yet for a tank top because we've been having unseasonable warm weather lately. 

What's your favorite part about it? So many things. Probably ditching the phrase "I have nothing to wear" from my vocabulary. 

What's your least favorite? So far, nothing. Minus the switch for the tank top with the weather being kind of a curveball, it's been easy and predictable. I'm anticipating that the monotony of it all might be my least favorite in the end, but so far it's been great. 

Where are all your other clothes? I had an instagram sale just before I started my capsule wardrobe, so I got rid of a lot of items then, and the rest are shoved in the back of my closet. After October, I'll reevaluate and see what I need to switch up so I can continue in some way for the rest of the season. At that point I hope to either give/sell/store the rest. It feels kind of like wearing a life-vest by still having tons of clothes in my closet, and I think come October, I'll see if I can really go all-in by not having access to all of those clothes.

Would you recommend this? Yes! Wholeheartedly. 

More updates to come. You can follow along with my capsule wardrobe adventures on Instagram @allieseidel #alliesfallcapsule #alliewearsthat