I recently discovered this blog and love the concept. She writes about minimalism and attaining a a simpler lifestyle.

In her post, The Beginer's Guide to Minimalism, she lists 10 questions:

1. Which 3-5 things are most important to you in life? Does the way you spend your time reflect these?

2. What part of the day do you usually look forward to the most? Why?

3. How does your living space make you feel?

4. How many hours per day do you spend feeling rushed, stressed or anxious? What (or who) is causing that?

5. What is your favorite place in your house/apartment? Why?

6. How often do you do things just for fun?

7. What activities always leave you feeling fresh and re-energized?

8. Which of your commitments (side projects, clubs, memberships, etc.) truly add value to your life and which don’t?

9. If this week had an extra day, how would you spend it?

10. How good are you at saying no?

With simplify being my word for 2015, I am thrilled to have discovered this and to start implementing some of her strategies.