Hello, new year!! Perfect time for reflection and goal setting. 

Recap of December goals:

1. See the Christmas Lights on Candy Cane Lane. There is one darling neighborhood goes all out at Christmas each year, and it's so fun to stroll the streets and see all the lights. A magical Christmas moment. 

2. Go ice-skating. Embarrassingly, I have my own skates. My husband is athletic and great at any sport, and he's up for a skate night if I promise hot chocolate and maybe a double date with another fun couple.

3. Decorate our tree and house. A given! But I'm looking forward to it.

4. Fly to California to visit my family at Christmas. I can't wait. 

5. Attend 7 Christmas parties, including 2 weddings. That may sound crazy full, but I love a full calendar, and thankfully, so does my husband. Love this time of year for so many reasons, but I really love getting to see so many people we love at all the parties. 


We did it all, except for ice-skating! December was packed for us. It was also the most fun. I really love everything about the holidays, and this Christmas was no exception. A truly magical time of the year. 


1. Launch the Valentine's Day card line in the shop. The card that started it all (Hello Handsome) will be available again in a few weeks.

2. Read. I got the Kinfolk Table for Christmas from my brother in law (thanks, Luke!) and am excited to read it. I also put Lean In on hold at the Library months ago, and it's finally ready. Looking forward to getting time with both of those this month.

3. Simplify. This is my main goal for this month and for this year. I want to simplify in all areas of my life, from my possessions and my things, to my wardrobe (it's begun with the capsule project!), my time, and how I run the business. We have a WAY less busy January than we did in December, and we need it. Looking forward to a much simpler month. 

What are your goals and resolutions?