In my pre-married days, this was my go-to meal. Full of the trendiest superfoods of the year, quinoa and kale, I'd saute them together and then scramble it all with fried eggs, goat cheese and whatever else I had in the fridge, finishing it off with a healthy dose of hot sauce. I figured I better enjoy it while it lasted because I assumed whoever I'd marry would turn his nose up at the thought of "kale" or "quinoa." Luckily, I married an adventurous husband who will eat anything, and he actually enjoys this one. I make it often for weeknight dinners, and today I realized it also works as a weekend breakfast. I added pesto this time, but the possibilities are endless. 


Heat oil of choice in a pan. Add onions if desired, saute for a few minutes until opaque. 

Add kale, cook till it barely starts to wilt.

Add cooked quinoa (I like to prepare a big batch and use it throughout the week to save time)

Scramble a few eggs into the kale and quinoa.

Add "extras" of choice. This time I added pesto and goat cheese. Divine.

Variations // can leave out quinoa if you're out of it or just don't want to bother making it, and just scramble kale and eggs together with toppings. I usually always do some variation of feta and/or goat cheese, but any cheese works. 

Enjoy this easy, healthy, throw together meal! See another variation in this post here