We kicked off Easter weekend with a pizza date on Friday night. The highlight was we walked to dinner for the first time maybe ever. Felt like we were on vacation. 

Celebrating the wedding of one of Daniel's high school friends on Saturday night. Some of the guys pictured in this photo Daniel played sports with for years. Really fun to be there.

The dance floor is our favorite place to be. 

Easter! We had a great time at church and then brunched at the golf course with my in laws.

I designed and lettered the Easter bulletin for our tiny church (of 4,500 people) ;) I love that this is my small part to play and I get to use my gifts in this way. 

The golf course bunch is always a highlight. Gigantic helpings of perfectly crisp bacon, and Mimosas and Bloody Marys all around.

I caught this candid of Daniel getting attacked by a pink paper airplane. Easter can be so dangerous!

So much prettiness in the springtime. Feeling especially thankful for so many things this time of year.