I'm excited to introduce a new series on the blog highlighting of some of my favorite places in Seattle. I often get requests from out of town visitors (and locals too!) of our top recommendations, so I've complied a long list here, but I'm looking forward to expanding on some of them in more detail. First up: Chaco Canyon Cafe.

Chaco Canyon has three locations, the ones we've been to are the University District and Greenwood cafes. The University District has a larger menu, but both are excellent. Chaco Canyon prides itself on being 100% vegan, and providing a variety of mostly organic, local, creative menu options (including tons of gluten-free, daily free, and raw entree items). They also have a juice bar and serve fresh squeezed juices and smoothies.

A unique item on the menu is the Community Bowl, providing a way for Chaco Canyon to meet the needs of people who might not be able to afford healthy nourishment. The payment amount is a suggested donation of $8, or simply as you are able, with no amount being too small. It's a warm bowl of brown rice, black beans, vegetables, tahini sauce and spiced sunflower seeds. The menu states "Feed yourself and someone in need for $16. Overage is donated to a local food bank." So impressed. What a creative way to give back.

Daniel and I went for a Saturday brunch. Daniel ordered off the weekend brunch menu, he had a twist on Biscuits and Gravy, which were sweet potato cakes with a mushroom gravy sauce, all vegan and gluten-free/dairy-free, and he raved about it. He had the potato pancakes on the side with cashew cream and organic ketchup. I tried a bite and even as a non-mushroom lover, I liked it. Warm and comforting, which surprised me for being so healthy.

I ordered the Raw Pizza with side salad, and it was awesome. The crust was sprouted buckwheat, topped with pesto, cashew cream, and the best pickled onions. It can be challenging to make a good, raw pizza and this one is done so well. Crunchy and flavorful. To drink Daniel had a foamy latte (I had a taste which was delicious) and I ordered the Triple Berry Smoothie, which was also amazing.

Verdict: highly recommend, even for non-hippies. Healthy, fresh, and totally delicious.