Blush is my favorite makeup product (if we're not counting eyelash extensions) and I wear it daily. Beauty Counter makes this cream one, and it's great. A bright pop of pink, easy to blend formula, strong pigment, and no chemicals.

This whitening program is an at-home version of one you'd get in the dentist's office. It works with custom fit trays, that you take the molds of yourself, and I like that it whitens even the far back teeth, something I always wished the over the counter whitening strips could do. See a before and after here and a video demo here. They're also hosting a giveaway of one whitening set! Just comment on this post to be entered to win.

This eyelash growth serum is a more natural version of the standard one. Since I wear eyelash extensions, my real eyelashes seems so sparse without them, so I've been using this one by Plume to try to help give them a boost and I've already noticed a difference. It works on brows too, so I've started using it there and they're starting to fill in more. Hooray for a much needed natural product in this department.

I'm always on the hunt for a good, natural deodorant. I recently discovered PiperWai and have been impressed. The charcoal works to absorb, not just mask, and the scent is heavenly and spa-like. In my experience, the ones that come in a jar seem to work better than the stick versions.

Coconut Oil. So many uses for this, but I like it as a face and body moisturizer (a great natural moisturizer for babies too!) especially in the winter.

My Clarisonic Skin Brush still gets so much use even after years of having it.