How To Make Cold Brew French Pressed Coffee

My husband and I have recently upped our coffee game with a French Press (we have this one) and we love it so much we might never go back.

The quality is so much better than our traditional coffee maker and even our espresso machine, to the point that I enjoy my coffee black now. This is a big step for me considering how much cream and sugar I used to add to my morning brew.

I especially love how simple the process is, how little space it takes up on the counter, and how easy it is to clean. It’s actually shocking to me how long it took us to discover the French press. I know there has been a big French Press following for a while now, and we are way late to the party, but I feel like we’ve just discovered the holy grail of coffee brewing.

I posted to Instagram about how much we love our French Press, and someone commented that we should try it cold brewed. This thought honestly would have never crossed my mind. With a little further research and trail and error, we’ve become big fans. Our process is:

Fill your French Press with the desired amount of ground beans (we've found cold brew to brew much stronger than hot, so you can use less than usual). Fill the rest of your French Press with cold or room temperature water, then place the lid on but don't press it all the way down. Place the French Press in the fridge and let it sit overnight or for about 12 hours. 


In the morning, press it, then pour and enjoy!


Cold brew is such a great summer treat, and so perfect to have already ready for busy mornings.


Hope you enjoy this method as much as we do. Cheers!