Everyone says it but it's so true, these baby months are flying by. Here's what we're loving recently. (Newborn and 0-3 month favorites here).


The Dohm white noise machine. We were using a DIY version of garage band on an old laptop and limping along but finally upgraded to this official one. This is by far the highest rated white noise machine on the market and I've been very happy with ours. Simple and effective. We also have the Marpac Hushh for Baby portable one and I'm so glad to have it for when we travel over the holidays.

The Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit. We used this to transition out of the swaddle at the recommendation of our pediatrician, and it worked great. It's like a slightly padded, thick romper, muffling the startle reflex just slightly but still allowing for movement. We just went cold turkey; one day we stopped swaddling and used this instead, and it worked like a charm. Trey continues to sleep great in it and the extra warmth is awesome for the winter months. UPDATE: I have a Magic Sleep Suit to give away! Just comment on this post to enter, winner announced next week.


Ergo 360. Could not do baby life without this.

Crockpot. Can I call this a baby favorite? Every fall I rediscover my love for this invention and what a time saver it is. Plus, this one is programmable with an auto shut-off. I honestly feel like superwoman every time I set it.

I finally figuring out how to grocery shop with a baby and still have room in the cart. Either in the Ergo, or in the car seat placed across the shopping cart with this cool invention, the Binxy. It's like a hammock, and has a straps that secure it to the sides and across the baby, so that you can place groceries underneath. Brilliant.


Exersaucer (similar). This was a stretch for me outside of my design focused and neutral-loving self, but this baby loves to MOVE and this brightly colored little thing has provided hours of entertainment for him. A full blog post on the rest of our favorite toys for this age will be live next week.

Our DockATot made the list again (0-3 mo post here). We've loved this for sleeping. We're in the Grand size now that he's bigger, pictured above.

Still can't believe we're at the 6 months mark. Hoping to really slow down during the month of December so that I can really enjoy our first Christmas as a family of three.

Photo by Alessandra Arendt Photography