Two Buck Chuck White Sangria

This summer I tried white sangria. I don't know how I was so late to this party. For some reason I've only had red sangria up until recently. But let me tell you, white is such a game changer.

My husband and I created our own two buck chuck version, because we're fancy like that, and it was amazing. Honestly, sometimes the cheapest wines are the best. And luckily, sangria is hard to mess up and you can make it however you want to. Here's the recipe we loosely created and followed:

White Peach Sangria

3 peaches

1 bottle white wine (we used Charles Shaw Sauvignon Blanc for this one)

3 shots vodka

3 cups lemonade

sugar to taste

How to:

Pour the entire bottle of wine into a pitcher (you know a recipe is going to be good when it starts this way).

Chop the peaches, and blend one and half into a puree (we used our magic bullet). Add the peach puree into the wine.

Chop the remaining peaches and add to the pitcher. 

Add about three shots of vodka.

Then add about three cups of lemonade.

Add sugar to taste. We used a couple tablespoons. 

Stir, serve chilled, and enjoy!

Sangria is so easy to alter. We made a second batch with a White Zinfandel and since the wine was sweeter, we didn't add any sugar to this one. Both versions tasted great. Experiment and see what combination of flavors you like. Such a delicious, end of summer treat.