This is long overdue, but I wanted to share our Christmas card details here.

I am a big fan of Christmas cards. I look forward to seeing everyone's each year and it's the best excuse to get in touch with faraway friends. I'm also a big fan of DIY. This is my second married Christmas, and my second Christmas card sent. Last year I created them myself, but on a much smaller scale, by using a calligraphy font to write "Merry Christmas" across the bottom of a wedding photo, and then printed them at kinkos, four to page, and fit them into A2 envelopes. This year, I lettered my own, and it was so satisfying. 

I hand lettered "joy" in black ink, converted it into a file with a transparent background in photoshop, changed the color to cherry red, and and stretched it across a photo from a shoot this summer. I had them printed on 110lb matte paper at Office Depot, sized them to 5x7 and rounded the corners. The weight of the paper really does make a difference, in your DIY projects go as high as you can for the best quality.

To say that I loved how they turned out would be the understatement of the year. Obsessed with everything about these.

For the addressing, I went with a grey ombre watercolor brush lettering style for the name, and block caps lettering in sharpie for the address. I love how it looks "imperfect" compared to calligraphy, and unexpected and different. 


I finished them off with our return address stamped on the back, and either my "Merry and Bright" or "Heaven & Nature Sing" calligraphy stamp in red ink.

Love these!! They were a huge hit and so fun to make.