I love this simple little exercise to think back on the year and record the highlights. Each year I remember to do it just after I've sent our Christmas cards, but I always think about what a great "highlight reel" it would be to include on the back of a card. You can see 2014's Year in Review here, and other people that have joined in on Instagram last year under #ouryearinreview2014 and this year's at #ouryearinreview2015.

It was a great year for us, I'd even go so far as to say my best year yet. We traveled like crazy, totaling 34 flights between the two of us, and I attended more baby showers than weddings for the first time in my life, both things that I think are fitting to do the year before you have your own baby. The baby news in September was by far both of our highlights for the year, followed closely by some really sweet trips in February and April. I had a rough fall season with my first trimester pregnant but have turned a major corner and am really looking forward to 2016, the year we'll meet our baby! Feeling hopeful and thankful.