I love this easy, make ahead, healthy breakfast. Mornings are hard enough as it is, and anything that makes my mornings easier and healthier is a win for me.


(Remember that I am an inexact cook, and my recipes are all "loose guidelines". Everything is flexible and adjustable, so you can use this as a starting point and create your own as you like!)

1 part greek yogurt (I use the plain greek yogurt from Trader Joe's)

1 part oats (I use the GF oats from Trader Joe's)

1 part frozen fruit (my favorite is raspberries, blueberries are also wonderful and any fruit works)

1 part milk of choose (I use the refrigerated vanilla almond milk from Trader Joe's)

Chia seeds (also available at Trader Joe's, or also likely to be found in a health food aisle)

Honey to taste

Place all of the above in the container of your choice (I use mason jars, but pyrex dishes or anything with a lid also works) and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, everything thickens and gels together and you get a creamy, sweet, full of protein, instantly ready breakfast to grab and go and get on with your busy day!