We styled this salad last weekend at the Local Haven workshop, and I wanted to expand on it to share a simple idea for a spring salad and my foolproof, inexact (as always) dressing. 

GREENS: Any will work! This salad has a blend of spinach, fraise, and arugula. 

VEGGIES: anything you like. This one has sliced and whole radishes and carrots. Spring peas would also be lovely, as well as avocado.

HERBS: I love throwing fresh herbs on anything. I often use basil and dill, and this salad also has mint, which my husband isn't a fan of so I leave that one out. The herbs really add so much fragrance and flavor, I can't get enough. 

DRESSING: We often combine lemon juice and oil in a 1:1 ratio, but I like it more tart than most. You could also do balsamic and oil, whisked with a little dijon and salt and pepper. Divine.