Ashley Martin of The Local Haven asked me to letter a few assets for her Food Styling workshop, and I happily agreed. It was a morning full of beautiful props, tasty food, and good lighting, thanks to Coco + Kelly's stunning 95 Yesler loft. Here are a few sneak peeks. 

Tons of pretty vessels just waiting to be filled.

Beautiful set up inspiration for a party. Those drink tags have been really popular this spring.

One of my three "styled" shots. Watch for the recipe for this amazing and simple salad tomorrow! 

Pretty nibbles. 

This menu is a new style for me and one that I really am drawn too. I love the organic, elegant feel. 

A delicious rose. 

Such an inspiring morning. Honored to have been a guest and a vendor.

As much as I love styling, I think there's also something to be said for purposefully not styling, and capturing life as-is. Only three of these photos were "styled" before taken (the salad, the menu and the wine) and the rest I just saw the composition that was already there and grabbed the shot. I think there is a time and place for styled photos (product shoots, for example) but I really love capturing life unstyled even more so. Just my personal preference. 

All photos here were taken with my iPhone. A few were posted to Instagram, follow along there for more glimpses into my daily life.