Lately it seems like any effort I make to streamline a process reaps huge dividends for me.

Exhibit A: Packing With a Baby.

I've written about traveling with a baby before, but in addition to tips on getting through the airport without loosing your sanity (or your belongings), I've created a Baby Pack List of all the things I need to remember to bring now that there are three of us.

Having it typed and printed ahead of time saves me the brain space/thought process/anxiety of trying to think of every-little-thing each time we pack our bags. It's 5 minutes of prep that saves me hours of work, considering how many trips we've taken with Trey (10 flights in 6 months).

What's on my list these days:




Play Clothes

PJs - specifically the Christmas ones this time around!

Snowsuit (switches out for a swimsuit and sunhat in the summer)

Winter Weather Gear: Hats/Mittens/Booties/Socks/Shoes

Bottles/Milk/Pump (we buy a bottle brush wherever we end up, which is a small item that is a huge help, more on taking milk through security in this post here).


Travel Crib - Now that Trey's rolling, we needed to switch from the DockATot to a PackNPlay for sleeping while traveling. We went with Nuna because we love the quality and design of all their other baby gear items, and this is the easiest travel crib to assemble on the market - it's a one-touch, one-second set up and take down with the push of a button.

First Aid Items: Baby Tylenol, Baby Motrin (for 6mo+), and Nail Clippers (all in checked luggage)

Travel Sound Machine

Toys/Books. My trick for going minimal here: I attach a few things (teethers, soft books with loops) on links, so nothing falls on the floor and it's all in one piece.

Those are my packing essentials! Merry Christmas and safe travels this weekend!

Travel Crib c/o Nuna.