We've been fighting colds for what seems like all winter now. At one point Trey had an ear infection and I was trying to take his temperature with an ear thermometer. He was squirming and crying, and I realized that this loud beep in an already infected eardrum must be super uncomfortable for him. I wanted a no-touch (not even the drag-across-theforehead) thermometer that worked.

I researched around and found InstaTemp, and have been impressed.

It's no-touch; it works via a one-second press of a button, like a remote aimed at a TV, except the remote is the thermometer and the TV is your baby's forehead. It's accurate from infancy through adulthood (Daniel and I even tried it on ourselves, and the readings were more consistent than our ear thermometer) and it works even when asleep. Great find.

Best wishes for staying healthy through this winter! Having sick little ones is so tough. I love discovering any product that makes it a little easier.

Thank you InstaTemp for partnering with me on this post.