I am a total beauty product junkie, but when I got pregnant I got serious about reducing my chemical exposure in my routine. I'm nowhere near completely green, but I switched a few key products to more natural versions and have been pleased with what I've found so far. Here are some brands and products I'm enjoying this pregnancy:

Zoe Organics. I discovered this line initially for babies, and I have a few of their products to use on our babe, but I learned that they also have an amazing skincare line for mamas. I'm using their Belly Oil and Belly Butter daily and have liked both. The butter is thicker in consistency than the oil, and the two can be layered for extra hydration. I have zero stretch marks to report so far, hopefully I'll continue that trend and be able to avoid as many as possible by using these two products. I love the light scent, the organic ingredients, and that the oil comes in a glass bottle.

Faerie Organics. A new-to-me natural makeup brand and only available online, but a lucky discovery. I've been impressed with both the quality and the price point of the products, especially the brushes. I have this one and a flat-top one not pictured on the website currently, but I'm obsessed with both. They are incredibly soft, effective, vegan, and the quality is worth much more than the retail price. I'm also enjoying this highlighter and this concealer and I apply both with the highlighter brush. They also have a skincare line and I like their goat milk cleanser; it's creamy and gentle, perfect for dry or sensitive skin.

Soapwalla. I searched high and low for a natural deodorant, and I finally found this one that I like and am using currently. It's different from a standard roll-on in that it's a cream style application, similar in consistency to frosting, but I heard rave reviews and have been surprisingly impressed with the ease of application and the effectiveness. No other natural deodorant even comes close.

Ere Perez. Another natural makeup company lucky find. It was hard for me to find a bright, perfectly pink and natural blush and this one does the trick. It's made of rice powder and minerals and is silicone free, and I love that the size is more generous than standard since I go through blush like crazy. I also like this cheek and lip tint that has the best staying power, perfect for summer. Also enjoying this foundation that has great coverage and this powder.

Dr. Bronner's. I had trouble finding a natural hair care system that I liked but then I discovered this soap, this hair rinse, and this conditioner to work great. I was familiar with the multi-use soap before but hadn't thought of using it as a shampoo, and have been really impressed with how it lathers and cleans. All the products are highly concentrated and a little goes a long ways, especially the conditioner. (A note about the rinse: it's a darker color, don't be alarmed! I was expecting a white color like a conditioner but the darker color is normal. It requires dilution and works as a post-shampoo rinse, and is helpful for people with really dry or unmanageable hair to seal the cuticle before the conditioner) I am a big fan of the soap and it's many uses, and I especially love the rose scent and that everything by Dr. Bronner's is fair trade and organic.

Olivine. The Love + Roses Beauty Mist is a completely natural, delicious spray for skin, hair, and body. Love that it's good for me plus the scent is light and amazing. Works great as a face mist or as a natural perfume during pregnancy. I'm also obsessed with the Love + Salt Beach Hair and Body Mist. After coming home from our babymoon, I started wearing my hair looser and with more waves since rediscovered that I liked that post-pool look. My hair is naturally slightly wavy and this product perfectly enhances that. I first noticed this company in a Seattle Anthropologie and was drawn in by the amazing packaging (glass bottles and so well-designed that you can keep them out on your bathroom counter) and was thrilled to find that their products are just as awesome and that the company is local to the Northwest.

Skinfix. I get really dry, itchy legs in the winter and had been using coconut oil to combat the dryness, but needed something stronger. This lotion was the most natural one I found that was safe for pregnancy (free of steroids, fragrance, parabens, and phthalates) and designed to help with skin issues requiring stronger treatment like excema. The brand is well-known in Canada and available in the US at Target.

BasiK Organics. I've discovered so many amazing Australian companies while looking for maternity pieces and pregnancy products, and this is one of them. They make organic products for baby and mama, and I was intrigued by their essential oil blends for pregnancy, labor, and postnatal care, which smell amazing and I will be packing for the hospital. I'm also enjoying this Pregnancy Bath Soak made of Epsom salts and organic essential oils specifically designed to help with pregnancy symptoms, and this cream, a concentrated blend of organic oils, which is great for a variety of uses and (bonus!) is also is safe for baby.

Coco Powder. This isn't a brand, but the best natural beauty secret for brunettes. I apply this powder with a fluffy face brush to my roots every night (instead of a dry shampoo that turns my roots white) and it lets me go for up to a week without washing my hair. The volume and texture is amazing, plus all that saved blow dry time, and you smell like a chocolate chip cookie, what more could you want in a hair powder? I love this product.

Shared in partnership with all companies linked. Product choices and opinions are my own.


I added this link to the sidebar during The Great Blog Revamp last weekend and wanted to share it here too. This is a list of my must-haves and go-to beauty items. Below are links (affiliate) and more info. 

1. JULEP NAIL POLISH - I love that there's no harsh chemicals. Best "natural" nail polish, great shades to choose from, and local to Seattle. See the colors I wear under #alliewearsjulep on Instagram.  

2. SMASHBOX PRIMER - Great for making foundation last longer, and the green tin counteracts redness without actually appearing green on skin. 

3. ILLUMINARE FOUNDATION - I love this mineral foundation and have been wearing it since high school. Best full-coverage, last all day, mineral makeup on the market. The color I wear is Florentine Fair. It comes in a few formulas, I love both the matte and the extra coverage concealer. 

4. CHI FLAT IRON - Best flat iron. Gets super hot super fast. 

5. CONAIR HAIR DRYER - I'm a die hard fan of Conair dryers. They're inexpensive, they last forever, they speed up drying time, and the negative ions help reduce frizz.

6. BOBBI BROWN BLUSH IN PALE PINK - I love a bright blush, and this one does the trick. I wear it everyday year round for a healthy glow.

7. KENRA 25 VOLUME HAIRSPRAY - Best hairspray, with long lasting hold while not being overly stiff. Winner of many awards in the beauty business. 

8. OSIS TEXTURE POWDER - Just discovered this product and love that it adds texture and volume at the roots, and extends my blowout. A little goes a long way.