I'm excited to be partnering with World Vision this holiday season, the global organization working to empower people out of poverty and directing a variety of other social justice projects. Their child sponsorship program is well known, but they also have holidays gifts to specific relief efforts, as well as a tangible handcrafted gifts in their gifting catalogue, which I think is a wonderful way to give something wrappable that is ethically made and gives back. I'm sharing my top three picks from the handcrafted catalogue today.


1. The Kenyan Salad Scoops ($75) These are beautifully made out of olive wood by artisans in Kenya. I love the modern, short handles and how versatile they are. They look awesome with our classic, big, white, salad bowls.

2. The Upcycled Artisanal Bowl ($135) Made from reclaimed scraps of wire and metal by artisans in India, this bowl is the epitome of turning trash into treasure. It is substantial and beautiful and no two bowls are alike. I love it on top of a wood table filled with seasonal decor.


3. Wraparound Ring ($65). I really love this ring. Made by fair trade artisans in India, it features two stones and is adjustable, so no need to get exact sizing. I love the delicate gold band and the colors of the stones.

This is just one small way to give back this Christmas. I want to incorporate some kind of giving into our family holiday traditions each year, whether it's through conscious gift giving or other ways. One thing I'm thinking for slightly older kids is to give them $5 each Sunday in December to give away to someone throughout the week. I like that this encourages them to keep their eyes open to need, and teaches them of the reward in giving. Because it's true that the joy really is more in the giving than the getting.


I'm always thrilled to find a children's company that gives back. I had heard of Tea Collection before (they're in some big retailers like Nordstrom) but I didn't know the extend of what they're doing for kids around the world. A portion of every sale gives back to The Global Fund for Children, helping with initiatives including child refugees, child trafficking, poverty, and other marginalized youth. Read more about what they're doing here. Some special edition items even give back 100%, shop those here. Take $10 off your order through Wednesday with the code SEIDEL10.


Some of my favorite picks are the rompers (and long sleeved ones for toddlers are hard to find!). Trey is in this one in the above photo - only $19.50 after the discount! So good for ethically made. I also love this one and this one (hello knee patches).

Our nephew turned 3 over the weekend and I put Trey in this polo romper. Durable enough for play but slightly nicer with the collar for a birthday party. The stomp rocket was a huge hit (if you're in the market fora3 yr old boy birthday present) and so was the bouncy house Daniel and I picked up at a garage sale a few weekends ago. Three year olds, man...everything is so awesome.


Trey and his Uncle Luke cracking each other up. Too good.


Happy back to school shopping! This is a good one.


Because kids aren't the only ones who deserve a treat from the Easter bunny, moms (and anyone caring for children!) can get in on the fun too.


A cute take on a non-traditional Easter basket is to fill something she'll use again and again (like this soft as butter leather tote) with thoughtful, smaller items. This one is oversized and works for all seasons. (The less expensive version in pale pink canvas is here.) Other vessel options that double as gifts: a market basket, straw bag, or cute backpack.


Water bottle so she'll never have to reach for a plastic bottle again. This one is insulated, making drinks ice cold for 24 hrs, plus it has a straw lid attachment which is a make-or-break feature on water bottles for me. It's made responsibly and gives back to state parks. The one I have is the 32oz and how I feel about that size is like Goldilocks: not too big or too small, just perfect.

Outfit. I love this adorable spring romper by Matter. They have a cool transparent makers process, employing artisans in India. If you have a daughter this little girls dress can be worn for multiple years, as a dress, then tunic, then tank. More info here.

Leather stash clutch. I have this one in multiple colors, I think it combines the best of both form and function. It's roomy enough for my wallet, keys, phone, and it's so nice to travel light and just grab this instead of a purse when I'm out without the baby.

Reusable, well designed grocery bags (great for non-grocery items too!) Cutest colors and prints, ethically made, well priced, and they hold up to 50 lbs while still storing/folding into tiny pockets. Adorable new plant prints for spring are here and here.

Flowers. Bonus point for ones from your local farmers market.

Ideas for extra little items: nail polish/lip balm/lip gloss/chocolates/pedicure gift certificate.

Pack all your tinys in reusable, zippered pouches, for cute packaging that will get extra use. (I use these for organizing diapers and wipes in a big tote. Spring colors here and here.)

Top with colorful tissue paper or plastic pastel Easter eggs.

Hopefully this will spark some ideas. Mother's Day is just around the corner and any of these would make a cute gift basket for that as well.

Shared in partnership with most companies listed.